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Thrive2Heal is a ministry that reaches out to individuals who have suffered trauma as a result of child sexual abuse. 


There are over 49 million adult survivors of child sexual abuse.  It is time for survivors to break their silence and shout with a voice of triumph over the pain and devastation this disease has caused in their lives. In order for that to occur healing must take place.


You want your life to be better, but you don't know where to begin. You are afraid that healing is possible for everyone but you.  Healing is real and it is your doorway to the destiny that God has always intended for you!  Come take this journey with me and walk hand in hand from a place of pain into a life of purpose and promise!


Healing has alway been possible, but your pain would not allow you to see it. Let me show you what you destiny looks like, it will change your life FOREVER!


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