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Invite Vanessa to speak at your next event


Whether it is a presentation for a speaking engagement or a workshop that is tailored for your specific group, Vanessa presents information eloquently as well as practically and expresses the journey to heal with details on how to make your own personal journey to see your destiny and purpose can come to fruition. She answers questions that only a person who has experienced various areas of suffering could understand. She gives you a personal account of the range of emotions – anger, fear, rejection, anxiety - and how when they are left untreated are like a slowly administered poison that can kill your future.

She takes the hands of the audience members and helps them see their own personal paths to success.  She gives a process on how to heal coupled with inspiration for their journey to healing. She lovingly helps individuals confront the areas in their lives that they are still allowing to hold their dreams and goals hostage. She helps them come face to face with their emotions and themselves in order to take control of their lives and go beyond just surviving pain to living in destiny!


- Sharing the process of healing through inspiration.

- Helping individuals confront the areas that are holding their dreams        hostage.

- Help individuals come face to face with their negative and destructive    emotions.

- Identifying and removing roadblocks that inhibit accomplishing goals.




- 1-4 day workshops  

- Workshop material provided including workbooks

- Assessment of workshop purpose for customization purposes

- Address major challenges in the healing process

- Work to identify roadblocks

- Action plan designed to identify next steps for each participant




- Who should attend?

   Leaders and Staff of Non-Profit Organizations

   Leaders and Staff of Church Organizations

   Teachers and School Officials

- How to treat each victim as their own individual  

- How to actively listen and understand cries for help

- How to respect and honor the survivors experience

- How to establish trust with a survivor

- How to support for desired change vs. expected change



“The audience was captivated by Vanessa’s authenticity and vulnerability. Her truth gave them, as well

as myself, permission to unleash our truths It was an extreme honor and blessing to experience

Vanessa’s journey from victim to victor!”



Assistant Director

Safe Haven of Pender Inc.




“What an amazing night! I am in awe of how God reached out to His daughters at our Lavish Sisterhood


“Lavish Sisterhood tonight was AAAAMMMAAAZZZIIINNNGGG!!!! It was my niece’s first time and I am

so glad she was there she needed it to help her get through what she is struggling with. I wish that my

sister was there. We love you.”

“Amazing night at Lavish Sisterhood! Vanessa Johnson was great!”



Stephens City, Virginia

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