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Vanessa has always had a strong love and passion for those who are hurting. Thrive2Heal is a ministry that was founded to help those who are struggling to overcome the pain and devastation of past traumas in their lives. 

Vanessa knows firsthand how trauma can become a destructive force in your life without healing and restoration taking place.  Vanessa was raped as a small child then suffered periods of molestation at the hands of an uncle.  In God’s infinite wisdom He made sure that through her fog of anger, disappointment and shame, He would heal and restore her. 


In 2006 Vanessa was licensed to preach and teach the Gospel and the seed of Thrive2Heal was laid in her spirit.  The trauma of abuse did not destroy Vanessa as the devil had intended but instead it fueled a fire and desire to see people healed from life altering trauma.  



Vanessa has not only given birth to a ministry focused on healing but in her powerful book called, Thrive, A Call to Healing she guides and challenges the reader in taking the necessary steps to not only heal but to know that they have the power within to manifest that healing for themselves.  She believes wholeheartedly that healing starts with a choice! 



Vanessa is a graduate of Liberty University with BS in Interdisciplinary Studies (Psychology and Life Coaching) MA in Human Service Counseling with a focus on crisis and trauma; I think my life experiences have added just as much value to the work I do with children and families. Pursuing my Ed.D in Community Care and Counseling (Traumatology) will allow me to further educate other human service professionals on the impact trauma has on individuals emotionally and mentally. . As an Author, Life Coach, Speaker, and a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors; Vanessa is on a mission to move people from a place of pain and propel them to their purpose. 

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