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Ministering to a young woman


Thrive2Heal is a ministry that believes healing and restoration begin with a choice! Our approach is to provide practical and applicable strategies that an individual, couple, or family can implement to obtain emotional and mental well-being.


We believe that every person who has experienced trauma and wants to heal deserves to work with someone who provides those services without judgment or bias.  They should have someone who serves from a place of transparency, compassion, and empathy.  Our goal with each individual or family is to have them walk in wholeness. To give them hope to heal, and courage to do the work necessary to live life from a place of emotional and mental stability.

Hope and Healing
Vanessa Johnson

Meet Vanessa

I know firsthand how trauma can become a destructive force in one's life. Raped as a small child and then suffering years of molestation at the hands of an uncle almost destroyed me.


Through the fog of anger, disappointment, and shame, God led me on my own personal journey to heal. I gained valuable insight and knowledge of the healing process to guide and challenge others to take the necessary steps towards a life free from the pains of their past.


Through the anointing of God, I strive to bring awareness and understanding that your past does not derail your destiny, your choices do.


My choice of profession started in the Human Service field in 1993, and ever since then serving families has always been a part of my life. My educational path follows suit, with a BS in Psychology and an MA in Human Service Counseling with a focus on crisis and trauma. I am also pursuing my Ed.D. in Community Care and Counseling (Traumatology) which will allow me to further educate other human service professionals on the impact trauma has on individuals emotionally and mentally.


The title and degrees are important and necessary, but I believe my life experiences have added just as much value to the work I do. That work includes being an Executive Pastor, Author, Speaker, Mentor, and Founder of Thrive2Heal.


Thrive2Heal seeks to help people identify and remove roadblocks from their lives so that they can see their path toward their destiny. Let’s walk this out together!


 - Vanessa Johnson, Founder and President

Meet Reggie

Husband, father, son, pop-pop and pastor are a few of the monikers that I am called. Each of these come with set responsibilities and expectations.  But the one common denominator in each is that of service.  

As the founder and Senior Pastor of Greater Love Christian Center for the past 6 years  and a faithful servant leader in the areas of the Men's Ministry, Discipleship and Teen Ministry for over 20 years, I have a heart for God’s people and a deep rooted belief in the life-changing power of faith. 

Professionally, I have over 30 years of IT experience within the Pharmaceutical Industry. I have traveled and interacted with people around the globe and this has expanded my ability to connect with individuals from all walks of life.

I strive to create an inclusive and welcoming environment for transformation and restoration.

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Meet Reggie
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