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If you are having a challenging time in your relationship, you’re not alone. You have attempted to rely on what’s familiar or safe like family and friends, but it only provides a momentary fix. It’s time for you to consider working with someone that not only understands the struggle of marriage but how to work through them in order to get to a place of wholeness and healing. 

Your relationship matters to you and you matter to one another. You both are worth every effort to restore and reconnect to one another.


Couples Therapy can be a scary thought because for a lot of people it means the beginning of the end. Thrive2Heal focuses on the future, not the end. We have learned a lot from our 30 year marriage and it has enabled us to create a safe space to be honest with each and ourselves. We believe that talking about or facing pain does not make anything better, but the reality is that storing it in your emotional vault only makes things worse. Allow us to be your guides back to each so that pain can be healed, healthy communication is implemented, and love can continue to grow.  You can do this! We can help.  

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